Want a Chance at a CBOE Hat? Solve @PeterLusk Option’s Riddles Here!

My walk to CBOE this morning included a wind chill temperature of -19 degrees. My people watching skills are useless with everybody so wrapped up. So as I passed all of these faceless people, I thought of an old game from grade school called “Who am I?”

So let me test your options knowledge with 3 questions. The first 5 “star students” who respond to me via Twitter @PeterLusk with the correct answers will receive an official CBOE hat. Question 3 has two acceptable answers but you only need to tell me one.


1)    I work 7 days a week. I’m like a sculptor chipping away at time premium every day. When my deadline is getting closer, I work faster and faster to get my job done. Who am I?

2)   When volatility changes, I don’t, but I can change the price of an option. At-the-money I am the biggest and I only affect time premium. But as time goes by there is less and less of me. Who am I?

3)   Some people say I look like I am walking like an Egyptian. I am not a Bangle but I am a strategy and I look just like this:

Who am I?


So that’s it! Thank you all for playing. Check back and I will publish the correct answers right here, at CBOE Option’s Hub.   Peter