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Five years ago, when I was lucky enough to join the Options Institute at CBOE, one of my first duties was to navigate around the CBOE website.  The vast amount of free content amazed me.  Something that I feel is worth pointing out falls under the Education tab.  If you click on Market Commentary there are a handful of free tools available for those that have a myCBOE account.   The second choice on the Market Commentary page is for S&P Daily 10 Select Reports.   I’ve circled this on the picture below –

Screenshot (478)

Once you click on that you will be taken to a page that lists the 10 free reports for the day.  Again here’s a picture for illustration purposes.

Screenshot (479)

Finally – here’s today’s report on Wal-Mart (WMT – 78.68).  Each report is a one pager discussing potential neutral to bullish option strategies on stocks with a favorable outlook according to S&P.  These reports are great for beginners or experienced option traders.  For someone that is new to options the suggested trades in these reports are a great educational resource.  For those with more experience they may represent actionable trade ideas.

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Regardless of your level of knowledge, the S&P Option Reports are worth checking out, both due to the material and definitely for the price (free).