GS – Fails Short-Term Key Support

I was looking an Goldman Sachs (GS, $172.87, off $3.41) over the long-weekend.  It had closed Friday at $176.28.  It showed an important support decision off the daily work with a price cluster decision at the $173.65 – $174.62 area.  This zone includes both symmetry projections of prior declines, along with some key price extensions of prior swings.  This morning, the price held above that  key zone but fell thru it. I consider myself wrong on a trade like this if this key price support cluster is violated by more than  $1.00, which it was.  I had hoped the shares would head to an  upside target in the $182.98 area.   A new low was made, so, I will need to wait for the shares to settle in, and recalculate the 1.272 target from the new low.
A typical strategy that we will look at keeping the support decision in mind would be selling an out-of-the-money put credit spread.  GS has extended weeklys options, I would not suggest going out past regular February expiration (2/21).  If already implemented this strategy could still work, but I’d prefer to hold off until the charts confirm.