Next Week in Weeklys – 1/27/2014

I made an executive decision (which can be dangerous at times) and the result is my weekend blog on Weeklys came out on a Thursday.  There are 57 companies with Weeklys reporting their earnings next week and anyone taking a look at a short term trade may want to start planning ahead or even putting on a trade before the weekend.  Since I had the data in hand I decided to forgo the normal routine and post Next Week in Weeklys tonight.

There are two lists in this blog, a very short one and a very long one.   Let’s get the short one out of the way.  There are three new stocks on the Weeklys list and they appear below.

New Weeklys

Now on to the really important stuff…

Next week a wide variety of companies are reporting earnings in what will be the busiest week for earnings releases this quarter.  Of the stocks reporting, twenty two of them have an average one day price change of 5% higher or lower post earnings.  It appears that next week could be full of opportunity or heart break depending on how traders handle their stocks of interest.   A couple of final notes on the list, the stocks in italics are stocks that have less than 12 quarters of history to determine the various statistics and AAL had no stock price history to work with.

Weeklys Earnings