U of I Financial Engineering Students Learning About VIX

At all jobs there are things you have to do and things you really enjoy doing.  Tomorrow is one of those days that I know I am really going to enjoy.  Forty-five students that are working on their Master of Science in Financial Engineering at the University of Illinois in Champaign will travel to Chicago for a day of learning about implied volatility.  More specifically they will become informed of the various listed derivatives associated with volatility indexes like the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).

For those who have not heard of Financial Engineering, the Illinois MSFE website has this description –

Financial Engineering is a relatively young, multi-disciplinary field that pertains to the application of engineering approaches and methods to the analysis and management of financial problems, particularly where risk is a concern.  The field has emerged as the result of the ever growing complexity required in describing and solving these business problems whose resolution requires fundamental economic principles and finance theory coupled with state-of-the-art mathematical methods, computational tools, and computer programming expertise.

Tomorrow I will discuss using VIX futures, options, and exchange traded products based on a variety of scenarios.  In return I will receive challenging questions and probably a few new ideas regarding the application of volatility as a tradable asset.  Tomorrow will definitely be one of those days I ‘get’ to go to work!

If you have more interest in financial engineering you can check out the IL MSFE website –


Or if you have questions about the discipline, I attended a comparable program and am willing to discuss my experiences as well.  I can always be reached at rhoads@cboe.com