Last Week at the Global Asset Management Education Conference

Late last week I was honored to take part in the Fourth Annual Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (GAME) Forum in New York.  I played a very small part in a very large conference which had over 1000 students and faculty from over 100 different universities.  The conference kicked off on Thursday with a very impressive group of speakers discussing topics ranging from the global economy to corporate governance.  Friday and Saturday consisted of smaller break-out sessions.  I led two of these discussions on Friday talking about different career paths in the investing and trading industry.  I have given this presentation about two hundred times over the past four years and at the GAME conference was the first time it ran long due to questions.  I came away from the GAME conference impressed at the scope of the event and I also came away with a good feeling for the future of the financial industry due to the impressive group of students I encountered late last week.

I know that in just a couple of weeks the planning will begin for next year’s conference and I’m looking forward to participating again next year.  More information on GAME can be found at –