This Week in VIX Options and ETPs – 4/4/2014

This past week was a busy one for me.  In fact I write this from a hotel room in Omaha, NE where I will be attending a TD Ameritrade event this weekend.  Earlier this week I was in New York discussing SPX and VIX.  The point is I have spent a good portion of my week in hotels, airports (3 for 3 on delays), or speaking.  I haven’t had much time to watch the markets.  In fact Friday afternoon and then after the close were the only times I watched CNBC.  To hear the commentators I thought I was going to see VIX up 100% on a week over week basis or at least in the 20’s.


Despite the big drop in the Nasdaq-100 Friday, VIX finished out the week under 14.00 and down a bit.  In fact the whole VXST – VIX – VXV – VXMT curve was lower on the week as can be seen above.  Despite calls that Monday may be a really ugly day, the VIX indexes do not really reflect that concern.  Not even on the short term (think VXST).  Just to make sure I wasn’t missing something I also checked out VVIX which is under 70.00.  It appears the concern is focused on tech and biotech in the form of the Nasdaq-100 being under a lot of pressure on Friday by association the CBOE NASDAQ-100 Volatility Index (VXN – 18.79) closing at a pretty big premium relative to the other equity market related volatility indexes.  Of course that’s a topic for another blog this weekend.

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