Talking VIX and SPX in San Jose

Back when he was a bit edgier and on an hour later David Letterman would do a skit where he and Paul Shaffer would have some sort of strange adventure.  He would end this by saying, “we were tired, but it is a good kind of tired”.  That is the best description I can give of how I feel right now.

As I write this I am sitting poolside at the Doubletree in San Jose enjoying my complimentary cookie with some milk.  I just spent almost 4 hours (of a scheduled 3 hours seminar) talking about trading SPX and VIX to a room of well over 100 people.  Before I could even get started I was approached by an attendee that said, “I’m only here to hear you talk about VXST options!”  That’s pretty impressive considering VXST options do not start trading until later this week.

There is one more session of the Trading with an Edge:  Advanced Strategies for VIX and SPX Options series remaining and that is this coming Thursday night outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, IL.  In addition to the topics we have discussed in the previous seminars I’m sure we will also have some VXST discussion centering around the first day of VXST option trading.  If you can make it you can still sign up at –