This Week in Weeklys – 4/14/2014

Whoever said better late than never was late to something.  That would be me this week with the Weeklys preview.  With all the hub bub around here about VXST, traveling, and hosting college students from all over something had to fall through the cracks.  Luckily 27 of the 28 companies with short dated options available for trading that report earning have yet to release their numbers.  Citigroup (C) went this morning and it appears they kicked off the week in a very positive fashion.  Do keep in mind Friday is a holiday so any options that expire this week trade through Thursday.

As a reminder the table below is based on three years of data and the average move is an average of the absolute values of price changes in the past.  If I missed a stock or you have questions I may always be reached at

Earnings COrrected