Next Week in Weeklys – 4/20/2014

First the easy part, there were no new stocks, exchange traded products, or indexes added to the list of markets with short dated options available this past week.  Now the hard part – there are over fifty stocks with short dated options available for trading reporting next week.  The list below is not complete and we can blame author procrastination along with some systems work going on at CBOE for the long weekend.  Monday I’ll add the handful of stocks that report on Friday to this list and fill in a couple of gaps.  Consider my laziness your opportunity.  Monday morning update – CL, F, and FB added to list below.

For now here’s the list of companies reporting next week with their historical performance on the trading day after earnings for the last 12 quarters.  If the font is in italics it means the company has not been around long enough to have 12 quarters of history.

Earnings Part 3