This Week in Weeklys – 5/5/2014

Better late than never is a good saying and I’m sticking with that one regarding this Weeklys blog. I’m playing catch up from taking seven different flights across ten time zones in the last eight days to spread the word about volatility trading. There are a couple of new members of the club of securities that have short dated options trading available. In the ETF space, thanks to Mr. Putin, the Market Vectors Russia ETF (RSX) now has short dated options and energy stock (maybe again due to Mr. Putin) is Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD).

The earnings calendar is very full this week and the top two stocks on the list have already reported. I also had a couple of special requests so there are a few stocks on this list that are not on the Weeklys list. As a reminder, the numbers are based on 12 quarters of history and when the company has not been public long enough to have reported earnings 12 times the numbers are italicized.

Earnings Fixed

  • SBTrades

    The list is chopped off at the end !!! so we can not see anything after Thursday before the opening. Please post the entire list, thanks.