New Option Course for Annuity Marketing Practitioners

Today I spent the day offsite from CBOE today at the offices of Chicago Hedging Company in Naperville, IL finishing up the schedule and materials for a two day event being put on by Chicago Hedging Company. On June 10 and 11 representatives of Chicago Hedging Company, CBOE, and Standard and Poor’s will be participating in Advisors and Traders: Understanding the Crediting Methods a two day course for Annuity Marketing practitioners.

This two day event will cover the basic S&P 500 option pricing principles, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), how FLEX Options can make annuity products more competitively priced, and how managed volatility indices can be more attractive to policyholders and advisors.

For more information on this class and Chicago Hedging Company visit the link below –

If you have questions regarding the class feel free to contact me at or John Wiesner