Next Week in Weeklys – 6/1/2014

There were a few additions to the Weeklys list this past week with all new series being associated with stocks.    AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) is an interested addition as the stock now has short dated options after a merger with Pfizer (PFE) seems to be a no go.  DirecTV (DTV) is being courted by AT&T (T) so that stock could also experience a little extra volatility.  Naming all five of the additions is easier in a list so here goes –

AGN – Allergan Inc
AZN – AstraZeneca PLC
DTV – DirectTV
MNK – Mallinckrodt PLC
VRX – Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Remember if you want the full list of stocks, indexes, and exchange traded products with short dated options is a great resource.

The earnings calendar is light (that’s an understatement) with only three stocks reporting next week.