This Week in CBOE Strategy Indexes – 5/30/2014

This past week the S&P 500 continued to put up new all-time highs as did the three strategy indexes covered in this space.   Checking out the charts below you can see that the past four days were basically a slow march higher for the S&P 500 and SPX strategies.

Strat Price Action

Despite a very strong week relative to BXM, BXY, and PUT the total return for the S&P 500 is still lagging these systematic approaches, although another strong week from the S&P 500 could turn that around.

Strat Table

Finally, there was some news in the S&P 500 Index option trading space.   First, in early July CBOE will start listing SPX End-of-Quarter options using the symbol SPXW.  This replaces SPXQ which has been the norm.  Also, CBOE is going to begin listing end of month options on the S&P 500 which also will use the symbol SPXW.   With all the changes End-of-Week, End-of-Month, and End-of-Quarter option series will all be listed using the symbol SPXW.   Traditionalists do not need to fret as the AM settled SPX option series will continue to trade under the symbol SPX.