Weekly Weekly’s for 6.12.14

LULU earnings miss, TSLA motors higher & social media weeklys in play- TWTR, FB, LNKD.  Weekly Weeklys for Friday June 13th.

Lululemon disappointed on earning guidance and it’s taking the stock downward. As the stock trades $38 there are some upside call buyers at the 39, 40 and 42 strikes. But, its the puts that are getting most of the action especially at the 35 and 37 strikes.

Tesla is trying to motor higher. TSLA is trading at  $207. There are more calls than puts into Friday’s expiration. There is a focus around the 210 line.

NQ Mobile calls have been active this week as traders get into position for the possibility of a large move in the underlying stock. NQ has been a chatter stock this week. The stock is now trading $7.  The 7 and 8 strike Calls are in demand for this week while June 5 puts in next week’s traditional options are generating some interest.

Something is brewing in Molson Coors’ (TAP, $71.48) call options. This is another chatter stock. Today the action is centered around the 71 call strike in the Weeklys and the 72 strike in the traditional options.

Social Media Stocks have been hot this week. Twitter is trading $36 and there is  2-way paper with calls active at the 36 strike and 35 on the put side. The options paper seems to suggest Twitter will trade in a range between $34 and $37 dollars into Friday’s expiration.

LinkedIn is trading $166 today and traders are coming from the calls that the 170 strike.

Facebook has been posting a higher share price and is trading $66 today. FB is attracting call buyers at 66 and 67.

Apple closes out its first week as a split stock and is currently trading around $93. Puts are more active then calls today, with the main focus on 92 and 93 strikes.

SPX has a bearish tone with puts trading down to the 1920 strike, along with at-the-money calls.

Added to the list of available Weeklys:

Ambarella, Cameco corp, Canadian Solar, CVS Caremark, Hartford Financial, Isis Pharmaceuticals, and United Rentals.

That’s it for now,I’m Angela Miles, thanks for watching.