Weekly Weekly’s 7.3.14

This report has it all. Trades in Alcoa ahead of earnings and quick trades before the market closes in today’s abbreviated session.   Let’s cover weekly options that expire today and next Friday, July 11th.

Alcoa leads off the earnings parade for the second quarter next Tuesday. The stock is trading $14 today.   In the money July 12 calls that expire next Friday are active, the straddle is pricing in around a 4% move.

Wells Fargo is reporting results next Friday. As the stock trades $53, traders are coming for 54 calls that expire next week along with 50 puts.

Now, among hot traders in the weekly options this week…

NQ mobile is getting pounded! Traders are all over this one, selling and buying 4 and 5 put strikes that expire today.   Next week, 5 strike puts remain in demand, and in the July traditional options the 3 puts are picking up action.

Twitter is active today. The stock is trading $41. There are 41, 42 & 43 call buyers and sellers going into today’s expiration.

Netflix was bucking higher this week. And, earlier there were call buyers all the way up to the 500 strike. Today the put volume is outpacing the calls. The most active put strikes are 460, 465 and 470 as NFLX trades $471.

Amazon  is generating interest. AMZN trades $335 and there are buyers of the July 337 and  340 calls, which could be a call spread play. The majority of put action centers around the 335 strike.

Facebook is extra active with multiple calls active up to the 67 strike as the stock trades $66. A small number of put buyers are at 66.5.

And, last but not least, Apple with  20,000 contracts trading at the open. AAPL is $93 and calls are moving at 92.5, 93 and 94 that expire today along with light put buying at the 93 strike.

On the SPX – check on this Jobs Thursday, there are downside hedgers at 1,950 and 1,960 as the market moves higher.

A number of names are added to the list of available weeks: GT Advanced Technologies, Outerwall, Transocean, Soufun Holdings, Sears Holdings, Splunk and Youku.

I’m Angela Miles. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.   Twitter: @AngieMiles