Next Week in Weeklys – 7/18/2014

Before jumping into the heavy earnings week there were a few changes to the list of stocks that have short dated or Weeklys options available for trading.

First here are the stocks that were dropped from the list –

Dropped From List

Now here are the stocks that were added to the Weeklys program –

New on List

Finally, here’s the list of stocks with options expiring next Friday that report earnings next week.  I do my best to get this list out before the weekend and I have to give high marks to Hannah Chody who is interning at The Options Institute this summer for playing a big part in gathering the data this week (as in she did it) which was no small task with over 60 companies reporting next week –

Weeklys Earnings




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Russell Rhoads, CFA

CBOE Options Institute

Russell Rhoads, CFA, is a Senior Instructor with the Options Institute at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He joined the Institute in 2008 after a career as an investment analyst and trader with a variety of firms including Highland Capital Management, Caldwell & Orkin Investment Counsel, TradeLink Securities and…