This Week in Russell 2000 and Nasdaq 100 Volatility – 7/25/2014

I write this from the middle of Tennessee at a family reunion. I do not say this to elicit sympathy, but understanding as I have not been watching the markets as closely as I normally do. I noticed that the Nasdaq-100 had a nice week and VXN dropped as one would expect. In fact, after getting out my slide rule and double checking, it appears that NDX is up over 10% for 2014.


There is the technology sector, leading the pack and then domestic small cap stocks in 2014. The Russell 2000 as the best representative of small cap stock performance was lower last week which places it at down well over 1% for the year. There is always head scratching, especially when I’m spending the weekend in the woods, but even with RUT down this past week RVX managed to drop. I gotta get back and figure out what is going on…


The curves both steepened a bit which I’m going to attribute to the most psychologically treacherous part of the calendar for the stock market creeping up on us. Another ‘to do’ item for me upon return to civilization is to check the September – October period for equity markets and their respective volatility indexes.

VXN RVX Curves

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Russell Rhoads, CFA

CBOE Options Institute

Russell Rhoads, CFA, is a Senior Instructor with the Options Institute at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He joined the Institute in 2008 after a career as an investment analyst and trader with a variety of firms including Highland Capital Management, Caldwell & Orkin Investment Counsel, TradeLink Securities and…


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