CBOE Launches New S&P 500 End-Of-Month Options

Following up on an earlier CBOE Blog, CBOE recently launched the new, and long anticipated, S&P 500® End-of-Month Options. The introduction of these options stemmed from requests by asset managers who wanted an SPX option expiration that more precisely coincided with their end-of-month fund cycles and performance periods.

To date the launch has been very well received, with a total of about 320,000 contracts traded during the month of July, at an approximate average daily volume of 16,800 contracts.

These options can be found under the regular SPX option chain, with an underlying symbol of SPXW and an expiration date coinciding with the last trading day of each particular month.  The 2014 launch of the S&P 500 End-of-Month Options builds upon the 2005 launch of S&P 500 Weekly options, and the 2007 launch of the S&P 500 Quarterly options.  The current End-of-Month options, with corresponding expiration dates, available to trade are as follows:

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To learn more about S&P 500 End-of-Month options, please visit www.cboe.com/EOM.