Day One CBOE RMC Europe Recap

The 3rd edition of CBOE’s Risk Management Conference held in Europe commenced today with three presentations covering a diverse range of topics.

The day began with an informative and educational presentation on Option and Volatility Strategies by Paul Stephens and Colin Bennett.  More color from this colorful presentation may be found at –

Bill Looney and Oleg Lugovkin coordinated efforts in a presentation that covered Managing Directional Trading Strategies.  It was noted that the option industry has been experiencing an increase in directionally oriented strategies implemented using options.  More on this presentation can be found here –

The day finished up with some insights into US Options and Volatility Market Client Demographics which included contributions from Andy Nybo, Steven Sears, and Leaf Wade

The evening finished with dinner and lively discussion.  I sat with Nabil Kobeissi and Yasmine Hayek from LTW Capital Partners at dinner.   Both noted that they came away with new trading ideas that will keep them busy when they return to London next week.  I think that sentiment sums up how many attendees felt about today’s sessions.

Tomorrow the day begins with welcome comments from Ed Tilly, CEO of CBOE Holdings, Inc. where he will also offer an update on activities at CBOE.  The day is pretty full with seven presentations on topics ranging from the institutional use of options to the volatility of volatility.  I’m sure attendees will come away with an improved knowledge of the listed options and volatility markets along with more things to work on when they return home next week.



  • Yuri Hoffman

    Have a great trip Russell.