More 2017 LEAPS® Listed Today

As of this morning, we are now 2/3 of the way through listing ETF and stock (equity)  LEAPS® options expiring in January of 2017.  Monday September 15th we added 2017 Leaps for stocks on the “January Cycle”.  This morning we added LEAPS on those stocks and ETF’s in the “February Cycle”,  and in five weeks we will finish adding LEAPS for stocks and ETF’s on Monday November 17th for those stocks in the March Cycle”.

As you may remember, we used to list LEAPS options for stocks and ETF’s  in the early summer for dates going out ~30 months.  The listing of LEAPS was pushed back a few months because our data showed they initially didn’t trade very much .

I suspect that most stocks and ETF’s in the March Cycle that have LEAPS now should have LEAPS added for 2017.   On the question of which stocks and what strikes will be added, that info will be available one week before the stocks in that cycle are added.

Monday, November 17, 2014: 2017 LEAPS begin trading
for March Cycle option classes.
A notice listing the new LEAPS series will be distributed during
the week of November 10th.

Notice listings for LEAPS can be found by accessing the
below hyperlink during the distribution week mentioned above.

So the adding of LEAPS options for 2017 on stocks and ETF’s are almost finished.

Index Options with LEAPS have a slightly different listing schedule.  We’ll post it later this week.  mk