Weekly Market Commentary 10.24.14

The stock market has rocketed back from a sharp selloff last week.  At first, this appeared to be an oversold rally, but now it is picking up steam.  Thus, it appears that it could be another intermediate-term bullish move, if one final thing falls into place: the $SPX chart must clearly turn positive.
LM 10 24 14spx

Meanwhile, equity-only put-call ratios rolled over to buy signals
as of October 20th.  There was heavy put buying during the market’s decline,
and these ratios rose sharply to extremely high levels.

Market breadth had been weak all summer.  Regardless, both
breadth oscillators rolled over to buy signals a few days ago.
Volatility indices spiked up last week and then spiked down again
this week.  This created a powerful $VIX “spike peak” buy signal.

LM 10 24 14vix


In summary, the bullish evidence is piling up, but we need the
$SPX chart to confirm it in order to turn intermediate-term bullish.