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Bear Market Rallies Are Vicious

The past week, it seemed markets were ready for a nice rip to the upside, on at least a couple of occasions.  That is something actually, as since late August the bulls have been struggling to string some momentum together.  While Monday was a solid win, the sellers came out in earnest the next day […]

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New White Paper Discusses Volatility as a Small Cap Portfolio Hedge

A new white paper from our partners over at Russell Indexes Research discusses the merits of using futures on the CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Index (RVX) to hedge small cap risk.  In the paper “RVX futures as a hedge for small cap-specific risk” Barry Feldman covers volatility products that are currently available to hedge downside […]

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RMC Europe Day 3 Preview

The final day of the Fourth Annual European Version of CBOE’s Risk Management Conference gets started with a keynote address from Edward Chancellor a noted financial author and historian.  Chancellor’s address is titled, “The Consequences of Extraordinary Monetary Policy – An Historical Perspective on the Current Environment”. After the keynote address the balance of the […]

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RMC Europe Day 2 Preview

The second day is always the most jam packed day at Risk Management and this year’s European stop in Geneva is full of thought provoking presentations. The day begins with a welcome address from Ed Provost, President and COO of CBOE Holdings.  The welcome address normally touches on new product initiatives and I look forward […]

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Covered Calls – In Or Out Of The Money?

What strike proximity works best for covered call writing? The answer depends on several mitigating factors: What is your basis in the underlying? If your basis is far below the strike of the call, you have to determine whether you want (A) current income while keeping the stock, or (B) a sale of the stock. […]

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TYVIX Weekly Review: Treasury Volatility Yawns Following Much-Hyped Fed Meeting

The financial world is familiar with volatility smiles and volatility smirks. This week we were treated to a volatility yawn. Treasury and equity volatility declined all the way into the Federal Open Market Committee’s Wednesday-Thursday meeting as investors concluded that the FOMC would probably not raise the federal funds target rate – the FOMC had […]

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Option Trading Terminology – FOOTBALL Edition!

A market maker who stood next to me in the pit for 10 years here at CBOE used to always say option trading is the closest thing to professional sports.  With the NFL football season beginning tonight I thought it would be a good time to review option terminology to see if his assessment is […]

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CVX Time Value Spread Strategy

The price of crude oil has not seen such a precipitous drop in price since 2008 when the overall economy cratered. On July 11th, 2008 crude closed at $144.96. On December 19th, 2008 crude closed at $33.17. Today the economy is not imploding. The drop in price is attributed more to an excess of supply […]