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$3.7 Trillion in A.U.M Tracks EAFE and E.M. Indexes, as First-ever Index Options Launch

On Tuesday April 21 CBOE launched its first-ever trading in cash-settled options on two MSCI indexes – the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (MXEF) and the MSCI EAFE Index (MXEA). Options on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index and the MSCI EAFE Index are designed to enable investors to efficiently hedge and manage their non-U.S. equity portfolio […]

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VIX April Settlement Reminder 4.15.15

Settlement Reminder: Today, Tuesday, April 14th is the last trading day for April in the following: VIX, RVX, VXN, GVZ, OVX, VXEEM, VXEWZ, and VXTYN futures* and options. These contracts settle tomorrow, Wednesday morning, April 15th. PLEASE NOTE:  VIX options with an expiration date of April 15th, 2015 will cease trading at 3:15 p.m. CDT […]

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The Week in VIX – 3/16 – 3/20

Last week VIX experienced the second biggest week over week percentage drop for 2015. The largest move lower occurred the week before the three day Martin Luther King holiday weekend so that one may need to be given an asterisk.   However, VIX going back to the tweens last week should not be ignored as an […]