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Selling is a Liberating Experience

So, this (past) week and some of the prior weeks saw a bout of selling occur that has pretty much clobbered many high beta names that were huge winners in 2013.  Rotation is now on.  But the indices continue to flirt with new all time highs and some have tagged them – the Dow Industrials [...]

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Turnabout in BWP?

The market is deciding what to do today after making the big volatility crushing run to SPX 1885.52 yesterday.  I can give it a day of rest even for a hyper active bull.  The momentum drivers are a little slower today, so that might be part of it.  Lackluster employment data, of which there seems [...]

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CBOE RMC Presentation: “Rebalancing Using Options”

At the 30th Annual CBOE Risk Management Conference (RMC) this week, the topic of “Asset Allocation Rebalancing Using Options” was covered by two expert speakers – Dr. Christoph Gort, Partner, SIGLO Capital Advisors Pav Sethi, Chief Investment Officer, CEO, Gladius Investment Group The speakers covered these topics – A case study on how dynamic rebalancing [...]