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Weekly Market Commentary 4.10.15

The stock market has traded in an ever-narrowing range for over a month now.  The most recent range has been bounded by 2090 on the upside and 2050 on the downside.  But now $SPX is trying to break through 2090.  Even if that is accomplished, there is still considerable overhead resistance at 2110-2120 (the all-time […]

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Sentiment Tools: Taking the Temperature of the Market With the VIX, Part 1

Random movements in the stock market are very tough to explain but if we can understand the role of sentiment, these moves make sense.  Remember, stocks move along the spectrum of fear and greed, a chart being an excellent portrayal of these emotions.  We can point to several sentiment-related indicators to get a pulse of […]

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The Fed Gives A Boost – Weekly Market Outlook

Thanks to a little help from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, the market broke out of a three-week-old bearish rut, and in the process may have rekindled a bigger uptrend.  In fact, technically speaking, the uptrend is back underway. We’ll handicap the market below.  First, let’s run down last week’s and this week’s economic news. […]