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CBOE 40: A Celebration

Welcome to the CBOE 40th anniversary webpage. As CBOE celebrates this milestone, we’ll be using this space to reminisce about our history, share stories and photos, and salute CBOE’s “40 years of innovation.”  Here, you will be able to find the “CBOE Memories” blogs, video vignettes, historical photos, an innovation timeline, growth in trading volume through the years, and a preview of “CBOE 40,” a video documentary to be released later this month.

This is the place for all information related to CBOE’s 40th anniversary. Be sure to visit here daily as new and festive materials will be added each day.

CBOE Memories — The CBOE Community Anniversary Blogs

CBOE staff, executives, traders and our colleagues in the options industry share their thoughts and stories about CBOE and 40 years of options trading.

camera operator

Trader Talk — The Chicago Way

A few years ago, several long-time CBOE traders sat down with WGN’s Orion Samuelson to share their colorful stories about life in the pits and trading “The Chicago Way.”

CBOE’s first day of trading, April 26, 1973

Historical Photo Gallery

CBOE through the years, as told through the camera lens. View gallery…


40 Years of Innovation — A Timeline

For four decades, CBOE has been the undisputed options innovator, with nearly every major industry “first” conceived by CBOE. See timeline…

From One Million to One Billion — Historical Volume Chart

Trading volume at CBOE, the largest U.S. options exchange, has grown from 1.1 million contracts in 1973 to 1.1 billion in 2012. View chart…