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Managing Risk and Return with CLLZ and Zero-Cost Put Spread Collar – Blog #5 on 30-Year Price History

[This is the fifth in a series of nine blogs to be published in early July at the CBOE Options Hub on nine CBOE benchmark indexes which have price histories that begin on June 30, 1986.] In recent years I have heard from some money managers that the put-spread collar strategy is becoming more popular, […]

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Ten New CBOE Benchmark Indexes – Risk Management and Yield-enhancing Investment Tools

Today CBOE announced in a press release that it has created 10 new options-based strategy performance benchmark indexes that are designed to highlight the long-term utility of options as risk management and yield- enhancing investment tools. CBOE will disseminate intra-day values for the new benchmarks beginning August 3, 2015 at the page www.cboe.com/benchmarks. The new […]