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S&P 500 and Dow Industrials Closed at Record Highs

Cusick’s Corner Stock market averages rallied at the open and are building on the gains in afternoon action Thursday. Soothing comments from Ben Bernanke yesterday afternoon seemed to help set the tone for steady trading early in the day. The head of the Federal Reserve said that “highly accommodative policy for the foreseeable future is […]

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Continuation of the Continuation of the Twist

Last week, the Federal Reserve announced their latest non decision making no changes except in verbiage, and will continue printing $85 billion of new money each month.  This was despite the fact that in several statements by fed officials, including those of the chairman on May 22nd, indicating some eventual reduction of this amount. There […]

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Mid-Day Update – Update

Stocks rallying on word that debt compromise offered by “Gang of 6” Senators got favorable comment from President Obama and some legislators. Plan is to cut $4 trillion over next 10 years “finalized in a seperate piece of legislation” which makes me nervous. VIX not as nervous as yesterday, currently at 19.12, off 1.83. DJIA […]