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So Much To Worry About – Really?

Are there no shortage if things market players need to worry about?  It’s amazing how long that ‘wall of worry‘ has been up.  Yet, the market doesn’t seem to be showing it, in fact we are seeing high complacency exist, which may not be a good thing over the long haul.  But I have to […]

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Sentiment Tools: Taking the Temperature of the Market With the VIX, Part 1

Random movements in the stock market are very tough to explain but if we can understand the role of sentiment, these moves make sense.  Remember, stocks move along the spectrum of fear and greed, a chart being an excellent portrayal of these emotions.  We can point to several sentiment-related indicators to get a pulse of […]

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Looking for a Summer Rally?

We all heard the cries of ‘sell in May and go away’, but that hasn’t materialized – at least for this month.  With only four trading days remaining it appears the SPX 500 and Dow Industrials may squeak out a gain (currently up a fraction in May) while the NASDAQ has been the leader and […]