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Risk Management in Trading Trumps All

During the recent period of high volatility many of my client portfolios took a ride up and then down then back up again, which may be of some concern.  I received a phone call from of them (of which I rarely do) and she asked if I could just ‘sell stuff before the market goes […]

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Taking the Next Trade

Trading is not a game of perfect, you have heard me say that often over the years.  If your goal is to win every single time in this game then you are going to be very disappointed.  Stock traders can get away with being wrong for a long while before getting it right, because that […]

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Book Blogging

All of the instructors here at the Options Institute at the CBOE travel the country (and even the globe) to instruct all those who are interested in the merits of using options in their portfolios. In fact I write this as I sit at the desk in my hotel room far away from home on […]