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New Benchmark Indexes That Use S&P 500 Weekly Options – Presentation in Switzerland

S&P 500® Weekly options (SPXW) offer near-term expirations on Fridays other than the third Friday standard expirations. Average daily volume for the S&P 500 Weekly options grew to 272,939 in 2014. QUESTION ABOUT WEEKLY OPTIONS – Some options investors and commentators have asked questions such as – “Are the Weekly options merely tools for short-term […]

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Panel on The Evolution of Options Strategies on the Buy-Side Trading Desk

On Wednesday at the CBOE Risk Management Conference, a panel discussed The Evolution of Options Strategies on the Buy-Side Trading Desk. Participants in the discussion were — Moderator: Andy Nybo, Principal, Head of Derivatives, TABB Group Andrew Claeys, CFA, Director of Trading, Analytic Investors Ken Kwalik, Portfolio Manager, Investment Management Division, Goldman Sachs Mahsa Zeinali, […]

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CBOE Launches New S&P 500 End-Of-Month Options

Following up on an earlier CBOE Blog, CBOE recently launched the new, and long anticipated, S&P 500® End-of-Month Options. The introduction of these options stemmed from requests by asset managers who wanted an SPX option expiration that more precisely coincided with their end-of-month fund cycles and performance periods. To date the launch has been very […]