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Back to VIX Specials

Summer didn’t draw to a close without telling us it was doing so.  If any VIX-watchers were sleeping, they’re awake now. Most of the summer seemed flat and long as a football field, and while that should’ve been easy, I made it difficult for myself by trying from July 19th onward to profit from something […]

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See a Profit, Pick it Up

She sells short shares down by the SVXY shore… Or something like that goes the nursery rhyme.  But does she buy calls to go with those shares?  Probably not. Here’s why I did it: I wanted a chance to benefit from the SVXY downside I envisioned without worrying excessively about the potential penalty for being […]

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Happy VIX-entines Day

The funniest part of my last post was the quote from my last sentence, “…VIX, which I doubt will stay the same every minute from here on out…” because it has basically stayed right where it was at the time of that writing more than a month ago.  Spanning 11-13 that day set the tone […]