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The Changing Mindset of Investors and Traders

One thing is for sure, the mood and temperament among investors and traders changes like the direction of the wind.  But leaning to hard one way can be very damaging to your wealth and your mind.  Certainly the unknowns out there are the challenges we have to either dodge or just embrace.  If you have […]

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10 Options Trading Resolutions for 2014

Yes, we are already well into the new year, but there is really never a right or wrong time to start making improvements in your personal or professional life. Want to make resolutions in April? What about August or October? Why not? You just have to be in the right frame of mind. No matter […]

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Taking Smart Risk – Option Trading

The equity markets are a tricky game.  That being said, options are even trickier, considering you not only have to get the direction right but also the timing.  Some claim option trading is pure gambling, the type where degenerates who long for action cannot get away from the game until they go totally bust.  Well, […]