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Weekend Review – Volatility Indexes and ETPs – 11/7 – 11/11

Regardless of the outcome, we all expected VXST to get routed last week and that’s exactly what happened.  I’ve worn this out, but the election was like an earnings announcement with respect to the broad-based equity markets.  We see volatility crushes occur on short dated options when a company reports and we saw that for […]

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Weekend Review – Volatility Indexes and ETPs – 10/17 – 10/21

In a bear market we refer to market bounces as ‘relief rallies’.  The drop in volatility last week may be attributed to some sort of relief, whether with respect to expectations around the coming election or that a good part of earnings season has passed without any catastrophic results.  Whatever the reason the curve moved […]

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Back to VIX Specials

Summer didn’t draw to a close without telling us it was doing so.  If any VIX-watchers were sleeping, they’re awake now. Most of the summer seemed flat and long as a football field, and while that should’ve been easy, I made it difficult for myself by trying from July 19th onward to profit from something […]